Sunday, September 25, 2011


Welcome to Dysintrepreted

Where everything on the fringe gets put into place.

Welcome to the newest blog manifesting itself before your very eyes, "Dysintrepreted". Everyday we'll be trying to summon the greatest and latest components of Pandora's box for your personal amusement and wonder. Picture, video, sonic radio feeds, glimmers of the future and of the past, philosophy, and everything else worthy of your esteemed viewership will be brought up front and center. What we give you is up to your discretion to incorporate into your life. This mission is yours if you choose to accept it, and ours if you decline. But know that only the premium will be brought to you, and as this website slowly evolves towards an inevitable vague conclusion we hope that you'll become just as large of a part of the experience as the content provided. Maybe one day you'll find yourself where you belong too.
If our transmissions ever frighten or confuse you, or if you're ever redirected to a vortex that you are unaccustomed to, or you find yourself one day lost in a nightmare with no way out, perhaps you should close your eyes, click your heels together three times, say the magic words and drink the potion to wake up. Hopefully that will work.

Fly on Voyager.

The Development Staff
In the mean time, enjoy some chaotic psychedelic rumblings.

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