Sunday, September 25, 2011


About Limbo

Hovering above the threshold.
A state of neglect or oblivion

Limbo is no place to be, as any voyager should know. Usually it appears like any accident, whereas in reality you could be having a breakdown and are just realizing it. If you sense that things aren't what they seem, they very well might be. An especially potent trigger activates an episode of limbo, indicating that you may be entering a period of coping and grief or transitioning from "rock bottom" to brighter waters. The analogy of "the bends" and depressurizing from one atmosphere to another fits well, though in a psychosomatic sense than actual nitrogen bubbles bursting your cells.

>So what does it feel like?

Uncertainty begins to permeate through your perception, thoughts are foggy and restless, and there's the feeling of unease in your bones. Your mind may feel like only a ghost and your body starts working overtime to calm your senses before they overload you. You could feel drained, emotionally and physically. Reality might seem to be losing out to your imagination and dreams. Nightmares might manifest when the sun goes down and breach your safe havens. Your projected thoughts might be lurking right around the corner ready to take you where you think you deserve to be. A guilty conscience will begin to punish itself. You might become paranoid, you might become scared, you might become an animal, you might be a machine. Dread can describe it in one word, and a gauntlet as another. Depending on your own brain chemistry and schema, you might start seeing things that are or aren't really there. The depths that this particular author has been to have horrified more than any night terror because there is no real waking up.

It's possible that you, dear Voyager, will never see the darker side of your own imagination and will remain wholly ignorant of the depths and heights, content on the planes you graze on. If that's the case, you must be truly blessed to lead a life of so much happiness. But, maybe now that you read this you might be curious . . .

If you are ever experiencing limbo and it seems to be gaining the upperhand, let it. Stop trying to bargain with the void. It'll take you where you need to go. Just remember that it is only a mind state that you are experiencing and it shall pass in due time. And please don't hurt yourself.

The Development Staff
*DISCLAIMER: Dysintrepreted does not condone the ingestion of mind-altering substances. That would be against the law. Don't say we didn't warn you.
The little monsters inside of us are tired of not being heard.

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